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Your First Dentist Visit to My Fairfax Dental

My First Visit to My Fairfax Dental

At My Fairfax dental, We look forward to giving you and your family a welcoming and comfortable first visit to our new digital office. All new patients can expect a very comprehensive oral exam, knowing you are getting the best dental care in Fairfax. If you don’t have an appointment, schedule one now by calling 571-969-3368..

We use an electronic registration system so please fill out this online form before your first appointment. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Thank you!

New Patient Registration Form

Below is what a new patient should expect on their first visit.

Dental Exam and Cleaning

At My Fairfax Dental, all patients are provided a thorough oral examination at their first visit. This will also include any X-rays as required. Dr. Le and her team will also provide the patient with oral hygiene tips and guidance for continuing preventative care.

We will ensure that your first visit is very relaxed and comfortable. Dr’s Le’s priority is to learn the needs of each patient, assess their existing dental condition with a thorough exam along with taking any necessary x-rays (for diagnostic purposes). A personalized treatment plan will be developed for each patient, with the goal of conserving and enhancing each patient’s dental health.


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Digital X-Rays

Our modern paperless dental office uses low radiation digital imaging technology along with the latest and most effective sterilization techniques to provide the highest standards of care for our patients.

Our office utilizes digital radiography to gain a thorough assessment of the patients existing dental condition. Digital x-rays provide a minimal amount of radiation exposure for the patient, making x-rays very safe for a patient of any age In addition, digital radiography allows the doctor to enhance the images to better diagnose cavities and oral pathology.




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Oral Cancer Screening

Dr. Le integrates an oral cancer screening into the standard exam for every patient, that way she makes sure any abnormal pathology is detected early.  Oral Cancer can affect a patient as young as 35, so it is important that an oral cancer screening be performed routinely. At MyFairfax Dental this is doen every 6 months along with the regular oral exam.


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Periodontal / Gum Evaluation

A healthy smile begins with a healthy foundation. A healthy foundation begins with the gums. At the initial visit, Dr. Le will complete an examination of the gums to determine the existing condition/health of the gums. Dr. Le and her team will provide each patient with proper oral hygiene techniques, tips that may help improve oral hygiene, as well as preventive measures that can be taken to ensure a lifetime of healthy gums.


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