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General and Preventative Dentistry in Fairfax, VA

General and Preventative Dentistry


Checkups and Professional Cleanings

Regular checkups and professional cleanings can help maintain good oral health by removing harmful bacteria buildup known to cause dental diseases.


At My Fairfax Dental, we use the checkup to help us identify the patient's current dental health as well as any abnormalities of the oral cavity and surrounding structures through the aid of modern low radiation digital dental Xrays. This helps to prevent dental problems from developing or treating early stages of dental diseases before the tooth becomes unsavable.


Patients of all ages are recommended to have at least two checkups with professional cleanings per year. Most insurances will cover cleanings and checkups, contact us to make an appointment and find out.


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Dental Sealants

Chewing surfaces of molars in particular have narrow grooves, even a single toothbrush bristle is too large to reach. Simple sealant procedures help to cover these surfaces to prevent cavities as a result of food collection.


Sealants are especially recommended for the adult first and second molars, for children around 6 years and 12 years of age respectively.


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Fluoride Supplements

Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen teeth to prevent cavities and reverse or remineralize small cavities affecting the outer enamel layer of the tooth.


Patients who are at risk for cavities most likely need fluoride supplement therapy along with good nutrition and dental home care to help control tooth decay.


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Oral Cancer Screenings

Regular dental exams along with modern low radiation digital dental Xrays are crucial in helping to identify any soft and hard tissue abnormalities of the oral cavity and surrounding structures of the head and neck area.


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