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Oral Surgery in Fairfax, VA

Oral Surgery


Tooth Extractions in Fairfax, VA

An extraction is usually the last resort treatment for a permanent tooth. At My Fairfax Dental we would only recommend an extraction when the tooth can no longer be saved.

 Extractions can either be Simple or Surgical. Most extractions are simple extractions which are performed with localized anesthetics, so are generally far less painfull than they look or sound.

Once a tooth is extracted, you don't have to live with the gap, talk to Dr. Le about your various options to replace the lost tooth including Dental Implants


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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooths unfortunately are not very wise themselves. In most cases, the wisdom tooth are usually impacted, partially erupted or many cases simply sideways.

This can then result in a variety of dental problems, through unreachable areas around the tooth which then allows for bacteria or plaque.

In some cases, the tooth push against healthy tooth and cause pain and discomfort.

Dr Le, can extract the offending wisdom tooth using a gentle extraction technique.


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